DuoFace’s proposal was developed by Dr. David Sena, a plastic surgeon specialist in face treatments, with a masters and PhD in technology applied to medical education. His vision is to offer training that could cover the current needs of the physician who works in the facial aesthetics segment, from the anatomical / technical and managerial point of view, as well as the entrepreneur’s in a more connected and digital world.

To make this project possible, we have the support of GestãoDS – electronic medical records and medical solutions – which provides the technological and logistical base in Brazil and in the USA, without it, nothing would be possible.


The DuoFace concept is based on the principle that the face can be approached through both minimally invasive and surgical procedures, and that there is a better treatment proposal for each case.

The only shared variable in both situations is the need to master facial anatomical parameters, care process management and patient’s experience.

Latest Events


DuoFace Experience

April/19 - Porto Alegre/RS
100 people


DuoFace Immersion

April/19 - Miami,FL/USA
09 people


DuoFace Immersion

August/19 - Miami,FL/USA
15 people


DuoFace Immersion

December/19 - Miami,FL/USA
12 people
Tier 1 tickets: U$3.050
Tier 2 tickets: U$3.320
Tier 3 tickets: U$3.410

  • I’m very happy to be here in Miami with this group that has almost become a family, everyone sharing knowledge.

    Dr. Andrea Rechia

    Plastic Surgeon / CRM 24952
  • I find the course excellent, the location wonderful. The teacher and the classes are very didactic.

    Dr. Luciene Oliveira

    Plastic Surgeon / CRM 35926
  • What motivated me to look for DuoFace was exactly this, being able to have a more advanced practical anatomical knowledge

    Dr. Felipe Pozzebon Borges

    Plastic Surgeon / CRM 36036
  • We will safely improve the efficiency of treatment and deliver a result to the patient. This is the overall goal of the course.

    Dr. Leonardo Rodrigues

    Plastic Surgeon / CRM 15259


The proposal is to offer three different approach models, using in all of them a virtual teaching environment, discussion groups and scientifically validated anatomy bases. Thus, the training sessions were divided into:

DuoFace Clinic

Immersive one-day event focused on the management of clinics working in the aesthetic procedures segment and excel in private patients, based on education and client experience. Topics such as career planning, mindset, process creation, goal management and operational processes, basic / advanced customer experience management, and basic / advanced content marketing are covered.

DuoFace Experience

One-day event addressing the most relevant topics in facial anatomy, minimally invasive key procedures, live application, basic customer experience management, and basic content marketing. Consists of a face-to-face event for up to 100 people with an e-learning support module.

DuoFace Immersion

Two-day immersion event at M.A.R.C. - Advanced Anatomy Lab Institute in Miami / FL, USA. The objective is to study in details the most relevant anatomical parameters of facial anatomy and their applications in clinical practice.

DuoFace Immersion
Miami/FL, USA - December/19
12 people  - Available

Frequently asked questions

Reservations are validated by paying a reservation fee of 10% of the total amount.

Everyone who participates in the Immersion in the United States will receive a certificate from the MARC Institute.

Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists can participate.

Flight tickets, accommodation and transfer in Miami/Florida are responsibility of each participant. Therefore, depending on the location of your accommodation, we recommend that you rent a car or simply use services like Uber or Lyft that are very efficient.

Our goal is to create an event so valuable that you do not even consider the idea of ​​requesting a refund, but if this occurs, in accordance with the Brazilian Consumer Code under Art 49 of Law 8.078/90, we guarantee a legal deadline of 7 days after deposit to request full payment refund. But don’t worry, we will deliver as much as possible to make everyone happy and not have to claim a refund.